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Our app offers everything you need to enjoy with your playlist and watch your favorite contents. It is available for download on the LG TV Store, Samsung TV Store, and Google Play Store.

No channels are included in the application. HotPlayer app is not responsible for the content uploaded to it.


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The latest version of HotPlayer comes with a lot of stunning features :

Simple interface

An easy and intuitive interface for the user.

Favorite list

Create a favorite list where you can save your preferred Channels.


Switch between channels by their numbers using your remote.


Search for your channel/movie/series by a keyword.

Sort channels

Sort your Channels alphabetically A-Z / Z-A.

Parental Controls

Lock / Hide content with PIN.

Multi List

You can upload up to 3 Lists and switch between them.

Lock Mac

Avoid your playlist being reset by somebody else.

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Pricing plans

1 Year

Most popular

55.00 MAD/year

4.99 €/year

Activate 1 Year


137.00 MAD/once

11.00 €/once

Activate Forever

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I download HotPlayer from ?

Our application is available to download on Samsung Tizen TV store and Play Store.

Does HotPlayer contain channels and from where can I get a playlist ?

No, HotPlayer is a pure MEDIA PLAYER where you can run your Playlist. In that way, we provide a player with no content of channels. In addition, application developers are not responsible for the content uploaded to HotPlayer.

Is the app fee paid monthly ?

HotPlayer can be activated after a one-time fee of 137 MAD for each TV/device, or 55 MAD for 1 year. You don't need to pay any future fee as we mentioned on our website.

How can i Lock my TV's MAC address ?

You can lock your MAC address in application settings by using the Lock MAC button to avoid your playlist being reset by somebody else or if you shared your MAC address with some third party.

What happens if I upload a wrong M3U List / LINK ?

If you download a non-working list, the app will warn you by a massage that will appear on your TV.